The director

Florent is both an artist and a brilliant technician. His talent is only matched by his genius, and so himself says.
Already requested by the greatest american studios, he declined all the opportunities to found his own company, theWakeUp productions.

He is also the creator of the largest social network in the world : theWakeUp.
His motto : If you want to make it in life, just be myself.
You'll for sure enjoy all of his to-be-made movies !

The movie characters



Impetuous but not very clever young man, he has been in love with Clitorina for about two years. Hired as a retarded-worker in the city library, he's in charge of sorting the books in alphabetical order.
His main quality is stubbornness, for even if Clitorina obviously doesn't want him, he keeps on hitting on her (stalkering her?).
When he thinks that she has been kidnapped, he goes without thinking on a quest that could be the time of his life...



Apparently quiet with her little-secretary look, but don't ever believe what your eyes see... Her dark past will quickly get back to her.
Indepedant woman, free, but not that nasty, Philibert is getting on her nerves. The course of events is going to complicate things and get her into her tricky situation !



Brilliant brainiac, he's the inventor of the well known strength-rising-lightbeam. A few people know that is also the inventor of the car, the electricity and the Internet as well.
Without him, Philibert could probably not have survived this story.



Bling-bling maffia leader, he attended the ninja school (1992-2002 prom). So badly for him, he is used to rely too much on his henchmen and he doesn't train enough...



A.k.a. Érik White or The Great White, he's a very dangerous professional killer. Flavio's goon, he's also his chauffeur driving big musclecars.
One of Interpol's most wanted, he's believed to be involved among other things in JFK's assassination.



Filed by the FBI as Wanted dead or dead, he ran away from to USA to hide in a quiet place : Perpignan (France).
Numb bully handy with a chainsaw, Brute insensible adepte de la tronçonneuse, some people in the underworld say he is not really human.



Arrived illegaly by Lada from our mother land Russia, Vladimir is a soldier of fortune. Flavio hires him to get rid of Clitorina.
Martial arts experts and especially woodstick-fight, he seems to be quite affraid of Flavio... Maybe is he not in the right place in this violent world? Maybe does he just wish to freely frisk in the Taïga and swim in the Volga?

vengeur masqué

The secret avenger

Beneath this mask hides the feared San-Kukan, professional killer also hired by Flavio for his mercenaries army. Highly-skilled Tankwendo fighter. His peculiar power is the ability to regenerate himself after having been killed, and reborn even stronger and more practiced.


The ninja-girls

They are Tehachi-made creatures, born from a DNA samples mix of both Buffy and Dark Angel. Test-tube babies, they came to live in Tehachi's underground laboratory, who raised them as a father, and even as a Master. They are totally devoted to his goal and don't hesitate over kill for him.
Always hooded, those who saw her real faces aren't here to testify...
One says they killed Beatrix Kiddo after that she killed Bill.



Back in the days when his heart was still beating, his name was Robert Polson. Born in 1973, deceased in 1991 from a testicular burst. At his death, an administrative mistake gave his body to science, and he became Tehachi's unwitting guinea-pig. Experimenting several experiments to bring him back to life, he only managed to turn him into a zombie.
His bite isn't contagious, for he became a living dead through a sterilized operation. Tehachi stores him in his basement until he has to pratice new experiments on him.